Trees – they’re pretty much just big sticks. Yet they take much more maintenance than the walking stick you take on a hike each day. In addition to making your landscape extraordinarily beautiful and shady, trees provide life for many organisms in the natural habitat. Birds build shelter in the tree branches while insects thrive off the leaves. It’s important to maintain the trees in your home to ensure it can continue living a long and prosperous life. It takes some time to be a homeowner with beautiful landscaping, but trees just appreciate some attention.


A new tree should be watered immediately after planting. Within the first few years of its life, a tree needs special attention to ensure proper nutrients for a strong future. As the young tree grows, it needs extra water to sustain the hard work of tethering roots. Trees that are older than two years have well established roots which means the watering can be relaxed.


It’s most common to prune during late winter when the tree is dormant. If you wait until the coldest bit of winter has passed, the tree will sprout beautiful new growth the following spring. Pruning means trimming the dead branches to allow the tree to focus energy in the branches that are still alive. If you want to slow the growth of the tree or target a certain growth area over another, it is best to prune during the summer.

Watering trees can be a quick daily task whereas pruning a tree is an afternoon activity. Either way, watering and pruning is the best professional tree service you can give for your home in Auburn. If you’d like Mandella’s to service your trees for you, you can contact us here!