Take the stress out of cleaning up your yard after a big storm sweeps through Auburn. If your trees have fallen onto your home or property, Mandella’s Tree Service offers 24/7 emergency tree removal.

Hopefully you are reading this blog before a large storm has taken down a large tree on your property, and you can use these tips to efficiently prepare your yard for the next hurricane that rolls into town.

Evaluate Surroundings

The first thing to do when word of a large storm comes around is ensure all loose items are either tied down tightly or put away. The last thing you’ll need is your favorite lawn gnome flying through your windows. Secure your yard objects!

Trimming Trees

Old trees become weak, and weak trees come crashing down in a storm. Even if the tree as a whole is rather strong, there can be branches that cannot withstand hurricane weather. Take time to cut the weak branches that could crash into your home or property. In fact, instead of focusing solely on the branches near your home and property, do an extra check for limbs that are close to power lines. If a branch falls on a power line during a storm, you can cause major damage to your neighborhood and community.

Walkways & Flowerbeds

When landscaping your yard, think about the materials’ ability to fly through the air in 100 mph winds. Rocks may look nice in your flowerbed, but how will they look when pelting your car in the driveway? A great alternative for rock or gravel is dirt, wood chips, or shredded bark.

Do you have trees that harbor dangerous potential? Call Mandella’s today for your emergency tree removal!