As the summer months creep closer, you start to dream of those warm evening bbq parties with family and friends gathered in your backyard. Yet your Auburn home is not quite ready for everyone’s eyes. Your garden hasn’t been planted, so you have to run to the hardware store and decide all of the plants. Your lawn is growing and green. It’s been a week (maybe two) since the last grass clipping, so add that to your list. Not to mention these people come to a bbq in hope of eating delicious burgers and hot dogs, so after you cut the grass you’re heading straight to the grocery store.

Just as you finish clipping the lawn, you notice there’s a broken tree branch from the storm yesterday. There’s no time to take care of it yourself, so you whip out your cell phone to call Mandella’s Tree Service Company. You call Mandella’s over anyone else because you know Mike Mandella cares about the citizens and trees in Auburn, GA. He will come take care of the storm damage tree removal while you’re finding the best seasoning for your burgers.

There’s no day or time that Mandella’s wouldn’t come rescue your yard. Whether the tree fell and damaged your shed, blocks the best part of your yard or is too high for you to reach, Mike and his crew will come to your home for emergency tree removal. Mandella’s is around all day, every day. Whether it’s one branch or an entire tree, we are prepared to clean up your storm damage.

So take that tree removal off of your To-Do List, and add it to Mike Mandella’s.