A full healthy strong tree with well -pruned branches really helps to prevent breakage and expensive tree services.  A well pruned tree minimizes the risk of emergency storm damage to the tree and anything that lies below and around it which may include your home, car, neighbor’s property or people.  Take the time to trim dead and overgrown branches while your trees are in their dormant stage during winter. You can rely on Mandella’s Tree Service for healthy and beautiful trees.

Did you know that where you locate plantings of trees and shrubs can also play a role in organic landscaping?  Plant deciduous trees on the south and west of a home to give your home shade in the summer which will reduce summer air conditioning costs. These trees drop their leaves in winter so they won’t deprive your home of the sunlight that warms and lights your home.  Plant evergreen trees on the north and east or west side of your property to serve as windbreaks. The wind break these trees make will reduce your heating costs in the winter. Turn your yard into a beautiful picture landscape by choosing an array of different colored trees, shrubs, ground cover and native grasses.  The plants you select will determine the wildlife that will visit your yard, the level of maintenance needed, how much organic fertilizer you’ll need and how much water will be needed.  Your yard should be functional as well as beautiful and easily maintained for you.