There are times when a tree needs to be completely removed. The tree becomes too old and is dying and it causes a threat of falling over. Sometimes the tree becomes infested and needs to be taken out.  In these cases the tree can become a hazard to your home or even surrounding properties. A tree may become too large and makes too much shade or blocks a great view. Sometimes the trees roots become a problem.  They start growing in the sewer lines of the house causing blockages. In these cases the whole tree needs to be taken out.  This definitely is the job for a professional.  They can take the tree down safely without causing damage to the yard or house using their special equipment.  The stump will also need to be taken out.  They do this with the use of a stump grinder.  This will allow you to plant grass in its place or use it for a flower bed or make it possible for you to plant another small tree.

Mike Mandella of Mandella’s Tree Service in Georgia is trusted and recommended.  He has been working with trees since he was in High School. He has been there for many states storm after storm helping the community with all the clean-up and devastation to trees from these storms.  When hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana Mike owned his own business called Cut above the Rest in Louisiana.  He was there for his community and helped many victims that were affected by Hurricane Katrina.