If you have ever seen a tree that is not properly trimmed it starts looking like a bush or hedge instead of a tree.  The bottom branches need to be pruned off so the upper part of the tree fills in nicely and the tree actually looks like it has a trunk.  Tree trimming also allows for the removal of broken branches, dead branches and diseased limbs which could cause damage to the rest of the tree. Trimming live branches is necessary to help the tree to have a nice shape or to trim out dense braches.  There may also be a problem with branches hanging over a drive way or leaning on a house roof. If there is a serious threat that a limb may break off and cause damage to your roof it is best to cut it off.  Limbs that end up resting on the roof and eventually wear down the coating of your shingles just from the limbs moving back and forth over them in the wind.

Tree trimming should be kept as part of your ongoing landscape maintenance. Trees don’t tend to grow too rapidly so trimming them does not need to be done all the time.  But if trimming is neglected it can cause damage to the tree or your home. If you’re not sure how to go about trimming your trees always call in an expert.