As we all begin to thaw from winter, our trees awaken from their dormant state. They are ready to bloom, flourish and grow in another year. Trees are naturally tough and lively, so they can take care of a lot of their needs themselves. However, there is always something you can do to get your tree serviced and ready for the summer to come!

First, you’ll want to do a general overlook to make sure it did not get overtaken by any insects or diseases during the winter. If you notice anything fishy, give Mandella’s professional tree service a call, and we will come inspect.

Second, tree pruning is the best thing you can do for your tree life longevity. By taking out dead or dying limbs, your tree has room to grow in the places it is already thriving. When you remove the excess limbs or branches, the tree can dedicate all of its resources and energy to flourishing. This will create a fantastic canopy and give you great shade from the blazing summer sun. Doesn’t a cup of lemonade under the shade of a freshly groomed tree sound refreshing?

Third, if you’re in the midst of pruning and you notice a part of your tree that has structural defects, damage or weak branches that is near something of value, your tree may be hazardous. Read our blog about a tree hazard checklist to see if yours is going to survive.

Ultimately, trees thrive during the spring and summer months, so make sure your tree is ready for a full season of growth.